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Trusted Precious Metal Recovery in New Hampshire

With over 34 years of experience and vast knowledge of the precious metals market (gold, silver, palladium), CRS offers the best prices possible for circuit boards and other components. These include parts from cell phones, network equipment, computers, servers, and other electronics. Contact us for effective precious metal recovery in New Hampshire.

Mother Boards
Mother Board Chips

How It Works

All components, including memory (RAM), processor chips, motherboards, video cards, riser cards, and modem boards, contain precious metals and have value after being processed. Utilizing our expertise, we will evaluate and purchase outright your circuit boards and other components. In many cases, we can offer an on-site evaluation at no cost. Our representative will come to your facility to assay your material and give you a quote based on the precious metal content and the latest precious metals market. Contact us to schedule an on-site evaluation.

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